Edoceo :: Utilities

These are just some utilities that were thrown together, nothing really fancy. Some are web-based utilities, others are notes; if you find anything useful please let us know.

The Utilities

Mnemonic Password Generator
Generates cryptographically signifigant passwords that are easy for humans to remember.
Bandwidth Calculator
This page can convert from one bandwidth measurement to another. Bits to Kb, Mb or GB, bytes to kb, mb or gb and back again.
CSV File Format
CSV is an internationally recognised de facto standard for text data transmission. I think we have the most comprehensive information.
WHOIS Lookup
Perform a standard WHOIS lookup.
DNS Report
View DNS data for a given domain name, shows SOA, A, MX, NS and other records.
SMTP Test Report
Performs some standard SMTP Tests and provides detailed outputs.
Performs an IMAP connection and LIST of mailbox contents.
HTML Color Chart
Shows many of the colors of the HTML realm, in RGB encodings.
ROT 13 Encoder/Decoder
Demonstrates a quick and dirty ROT13 encoder/decoder.