See Also sdelete/sfree is a small utility written in PERL that will shred a disk drive, or any block device really. Simply run drive-shred and poof! the data is gone. Drive Shred can be used to securely destroy data on a hard disk, floppy disk, ZIP disk and other block devices.

Drive Shred Usage

Wipe /dev/sdb using default options -d /dev/sdb -x

Wipe only first 2Gib, two passes -d /dev/sdb -l 2*1024*1024*1024 -p2 -x

Wipe 2GiB starting 8GiB in -d /dev/sdb -l 2*1024*1024*1024 -o 8*1024*1024*1024 -x

Wipe Partition/Boot Information (first 512KiB), 500 passes -d /dev/sdb -l 512*1024 -p2*250

Wipe Full Disk, 4 Passes -d /dev/sdb -p4 -x

Screen Shot

Not really, as this is a console utility, but heres what the output looks like:

Requested 1 pass wipe of /dev/sde using 1024.00KiB buffer
Wiping /dev/sde (149.05GiB) - pass 1/1
Reading from /dev/urandom
Shredded 15.43GiB of 149.05GiB in 439.72s (35.92MiB/s) - ETA:  63.48m

Drive Shred Script

Can be downloaded from