Edoceo :: Development

Creo are different software projects that have been put together by Edoceo. Named projects are generally a complete and functional package. In each programming language section are various functions, routines, classes, defintions, etc. All of the listed on this page is released under the GPL 3.0 only.


Asterisk Call Groups

Asterisk DB driven Dynamic Call Groups

Bandwidth Calculator, Byte Converter, Bit Calculator

Bash Scripting Cheat Sheet

Bash Quick Reference

BigBlueDashboard - Interface for BigBlueButton

Automated Screenshots with Browser Stack

Calling Direct to Voicemail (FreeSWITCH, Twilio)

Cella Backup Script

Cella Configuration

How To Use PHP Composer & Packagist

Comma Separated Values (CSV) Standard File Format

Daemons in Perl vs PHP

Drive Shred - Hard Disk Shredding Utility

Gentoo EC2 Images

Email Mapping

eNom Dynamic DNS Script

eNom API Domain/Host Dump Script

Edoceo :: Code

An active access token must be used to query information about the current user

Google Web-Font Tester

Google Dragon - A Poodle Predictor Alternative/Clone

HTML Color Chart

HTTP Authorization Headers PHP

IMAP Move - An email migration script

IMAP/S Test - 143 or 993 SSL/TLS

JavaScript Data Validation

JavaScript Date Object - Handy Extensions

JavaScript Tickler Example

Web Application Load Testing Tools

FreeSWITCH/Lua Call, Wait & Enter Code

Email Header Trace

mail2trac - IMAP/POP3 Email to Trac

Mnemonic Password Generator

Convert MS-SQL to PostgreSQL

Transfer Windows to New Hard Disk using ntfsclone

OpenVPN + Config Windows Installer

Parsing Mozilla/Thunderbird Address Book

Using PERL like netcat

Benchmark Wrapper for pgbench

pgbackup - PostgreSQL Server Backup Script

PHP Bootstrap Example

PHP - Simple and Accurate Email Address Validation

Graceful Error Handling in PHP

PHP Flash Policy Server

PHP Timezone List

phps3tk - Amazon S3 PHP Toolkit

Promitto - Email Campaign/Marketing Software

Handy Script for Pushing SSH Keys

ROT13 Encodign

SEO Check and Report

Slack & Harvest

Count Source Lines of Code - sloc.sh

SQL: Finding Duplicate IDs

strace command line examples

Coding Style - Edoceo Standards and Guidelines

Trello Data Exporter

Tweeting from an Application

VBScript: ISO Date Format

winlogd - Windows EventLog to Syslog Service

Creating a Wordpress Theme

Debugging PHP