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We use "Lean" methods to build solve problems and build foundational technology for early stage and growing businesses

Discuss.IO Online Face-to-Face Customer Interviews - Hosted solution for 301, 302, 404 and 410 pages, with logging - Unified Interfaces for Twilio, Plivo, Phaxio, SignalWire and others - A simplified method to enable user-surveys in your site or application, compare to GetFeedback.

isValidUser - Tools for Site Owners to detech Whales.

Preferred Technology & Tools

Platform: Gentoo, Debian in Linode, DigitalOcean or AWS, GCS.

Code: Bash, Go, Perl, PHP (Cake, Laravel, Slim, Yii, Zend), NodeJS, and others.

Backend: PostgreSQL, Redis and Lucene/Solr but sometimes MySQL, MongoDB or CouchDB,

Tools: VS Code, git, Doxygen

TDD: PHPUnit, Puppeteer, Selenium