Edoceo :: Examples

Small code and configuration examples of what Edoceo does, nothing too fancy just little snips that hopefully help someone else out.

Asterisk Call Groups

Some More Complete Examples of Asterisk Call Groups.

Asterisk Dynamic Dial Groups

We had a need to dynamically add and remove extensions from a Dial group, here's what was done.

Transfering a Windows OS to a new Hard Disk using ntfsclone

Describes how to transfer Windows XP to a new hard disc and resize to new disc.

Using PERL like netcat

Using PERL like netcat, which arose out of an emergency need.

Fast and Simple Email Address Validation with PHP

Quick match with a regular expression then dns lookup.

Simple Flash Policy Server in PHP with Multiplexing!

This is a simple Flash Policy Server written in PHP which provides for multiplexing multiple simultanious connections.

Forking PHP with pcntl_fork()

Writing Multiprocess PHP scripts is fun!

SQL Find Duplicate IDs

Use this cut to find duplicate IDs in a table - perhaps you forgot a primary key?

strace multiple processes

Quick snip of bash to use pidof or maybe pgrep with sed to pass arguments to strace. Useful for watching multiple apache, mysql, postgresql, postfix and other such.

Misc Notes