Curo: Small Business Network Server with File, Print, Fax, VPN and Disaster Recovery services

Curo is an all-in-one network administration, management and security device that provides all the necessary networking services needed in a small business environment. Curo provides centralized security and operations for the network ensuring maximum uptime and productivity. User administration, backup and other tasks are configured through a simple interface, no network engineering skills necessary. Eleminate worry about the network, backups and other technology systems with this full featured managed solution. Curo replaces expensive Windows® servers in the small business environment, eleminates expensive license fees.

Any business that requires a network will requires that network to work all day every day. Small outages, hiccups, glitches and the like are costly in more ways than one. Curo is an active, preventative device ensuring uptime and should the worst happen, Curo is there for recovery.


Curo provides all the basic network needs plus other tools to secure data and create interaction with external systems. An all-inclusive package, Cur manages day-to-day network needs, user accounts, data storage and backup, disaster recovery and VPN access. Curo is managed by Edoceo, so there is nothing to deal with and nothing to distract one from running their business.

Basic Features

Advanced Features

Ultra Features

The Curo system is built on the rock-solid Linux platform and is therefore extensible in almost any way imaginable. Combine this system with solution development experience of Edoceo and a small business is now poised to take full advantage of technology. Integrate with clients or vendors systems, create custom in-house applications and integrate with an Edoceo hosted web site.


Many other devices out there provide only a few features Curo provides but cost much more. Curo is an economical choice, providing more features for less money. VPN solutions alone will cost more than $700 USD, a Windows® server will cost more than $1,200 USD, not including client access licenses. Backup solutions and off-site disaster recovery costs around $500 USD per month for these services. Other similar products retail for more than $3000 USD.

By using Curo one gets the benefits of a Windows Server plus: a fully managed network, automatic on-site and off-site backup, virus scanning and network protection as one integrated solution. On average this would cost over $2,000 USD to start up and $500 per month for ongoing support and offsite backups. The initial setup charges for Curo are only $900 USD with a base monthly service fee of $100. Monthly offsite backup pricing is competitive at $20 USD/Gb.

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