Here we list a few of our favourite Redmine Plugins and how to install them. There are loads more to choose from in the redmine plugins directory.

Google Apps Login

Login to Redmine with your Google Apps domain user. Awesome.

~ # emerge -av dev-ruby/ruby-openid
 - OR -
~ # gem install ruby-openid ruby-openid-apps-discovery

Now install the google_apps plugin

~ # cd /opt/redmine
~ # git clone git:// vendor/plugins/google_apps

Restart Apache/Redmine then login with your administrator account, go to the Administration section and now you should see the 'Google Apps' link. Add your Google Apps domain like ''. (Note, it's not

Google Docs Plugin »

Links documents in redmine to Google Docs

~ # gem install gdata
~ # cd /opt/redmine/vendor/plugins
. # git clone git://
. # cd ../../
. # rake db:migrate_plugins RAILS_ENV=production

Now reload Apache/Redmine and visit Administration » Custom Fields

New Issue Alerts »

Love this one, now every new issue created via email notifies the triage team.

~ # cd /opt/redmine/vendor/plugins
. # git clone git://
. # cd ../../
. # rake db:migrate_plugins RAILS_ENV=production

Redmine Roadmaps »

This puts in some road-map progress bars, like what Trac used to have.

~ # cd /opt/redmine/vendor/plugins
. # git clone

Now visit the Permissions Report page to enable viewing of the Roadmaps. Then visit Project &rqauo; Settings » Modules to enable the Roadmap module. Once that is completed the Roadmaps item will appear in the primary navigation menu.

Issue Whining »

This plugin provides email alerts when an issue had not been updated since X days.

Weekly Time Sheet »

An alternative to the Redmine built-in time tracker.

~ # cd /opt/redmine/vendor/plugins
. # wget
. # unzip