Installing and Configuring NgIRCd

Installing NgIRCd

# emerge -pv ngircd

net-irc/unrealircd-  USE="-debug -gnutls -ident ipv6 pam ssl -tcpd zlib"

Configuring NgIRCd

Edit /etc/ngircd/ngircd.conf. This example shows a restricted server, no password to connect, single room that does requres a common password. Take a look at the example and the man page to create specific user/password combinations for each room/user/connection.

    Name =
    AdminInfo1 = Description
    AdminInfo2 = Location
    AdminEMail =
    Info = Server Info Text
    MotdFile = /etc/ngircd/ngircd.motd
    ServerGID = nogroup
    ServerUID = ngircd
    MaxConnections = 50
    MaxJoins = 5
    CloakUserToNick = yes
    DNS = yes
    Ident = no
    MorePrivacy = no
    PAM = no
    PredefChannelsOnly = yes
    RequireAuthPing = no
    SyslogFacility = local5
    WebircPassword = webpwd
    Name = root
    Password = opspwd
    Name = #chatroom
    Topic = Only room on this server
    Modes = tnk
    Key = chatpass