How To: Custom Gentoo Overlay on Github

If you use Gentoo in a wide deployment it can be very useful to make your own overlay. These overlays can add new ebuilds as well as system profiles.

Create the Overlay Repository

mkdir my-overlay ; cd my-overlay
mkdir eclass licenses metadata profiles sets

The Overlay Repository XML file needs to be present, follow this annotated example.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<repositories version="1.0">
<repo priority="50" status="unofficial">
	<description>Edoceo profile and Packages</description>
		<name>Edoceo, Inc</name>
	<source type="git">git://</source>

This file should be made available in a location that is easy to find and reference but also be available in the repository.


Then, check to make sure that layman can find the overlay properly.

Add this Layout

emerge -av >=app-portage/layman-2.3.0
layman -o --list
layman -f -o -a edoceo-praxis

Now add the Metadata Layout into ./metadata/layout.conf.

masters = gentoo
thin-manifests = true

Additional Options

Once all of your systems are pulling and using the same overlay, you can supplement this with an Portage Binhost.

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