Reduce the Logging

Out of the box FS is very verbose, to the console and the disk, a simple phone call can be ~28K! Reducing the amount of logging, by just a little can reduce that to ~1.8K This will reduce the impact of disk performance (or slowness as it were)

Edit conf/autoload_configs/logfile.conf.xml and adjust the map, removing the debug and info levels.

<map name="all" value="notice,warning,err,crit,alert"/>

It might be useful here to also configure default logging in the console, so it's not so busy. conf/autoload_configs/console.conf.xml and adjust the map, removing the debug and info levels here as well.

<map name="all" value="console,notice,warning,err,crit,alert"/>

Remove Unused Modules

FreeSWITCH comes with loads of features, some of which may not be necessary for all environments. If they are not in use, unload them and save a few bits of memory. Here are a few modules that are not necessary and may be easy targets for removal.

Anecdotally this has saved us a reasonable amount of memory (50-100MiB) as measured by VmSize and VmData in /proc/$(pidof freeswitch)/status.

Do not remove: mod_commands, mod_dptools, mod_sofia, !