BigBlueButton & FreeSWITCH Configuration

Out of the box BigBlueButton wants to run with FreeSWITCH on the localhost. We like to spread out the load, different boxen for Redis as well as FreeSWITCH (and post-processing)

Getting Started

I'm assuming you've already got BigBlueButton installed on one machine. You can just duplicate that installation on another, like mirror each other - unless you already have an FS box ready. I'm going to assume you're starting from the BigBlueButton installation of FreeSWITCH.

For this installation $hostA is your BigBlueButton system, $hostB is the IP of the FreeSWITCH. I'll extend these vars with _<name> like $hostA_ip - should be obvious.


Basically we've got to make it listen on the network, not just local host.


Just update the configuration to point to $hostB_ip, easy!.

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