When building Facebook Applications that post to the Wall (/me/feed) you may get this error.

The documentation shows that there is no hard and fast value for when this error gets triggered. Here's some notes we've found.

Don't Repeat

Don't post the same message over and over to your wall, that looks spammy. Sometimes duplicate messages are caught by Facebook's API. To be safer, always try with original, unique content.

Post & Deleting

So, then when posting perhaps they don't look right; or was just a test and then the post is manually deleted. Doing this very often seems to trigger the dreaded 341.


Well, firstly don't get yourself caught :D. After that, what was worked for us has been to sit idle for a few hours (more than four). Then we disconnect our User/App from facebook (getLogoutUrl()). From our Facebook profile we visit the App settings and frob some of the values. Then back to our App/Site and re-authenticate the Facebook user.