The HHP IT3800 and/or 3900 are very common in self-checkout configurations for Evergreen ILS.

This document describes how to configure that device is a common setup. A modern Windows based PC, Keyboard Wedge, Quiet, Slow Scanner.

Reset the Scanner

Configure for AT PC, with Carrige Return suffix.

Configure for Self Checkout

Scanning Rate

Use the Low Power scan rate, 67 samples per second

Beep Volume and Length

We set this to quiet and short

Scan Delays

Configure a medium delay on good scans, long delay on duplicates.

Auto Scan & Presentation Mode

Automatically scan the codes, no manual trigger needed; presentation leaves the lights off until a barcode is presented.

Dump Formats

Wireless Scanners

Try the wireless Honeywell 3800g.

Realistically, ANY scanner that acts like a keyboard, can scan your barcodes and can be programmed to do a carriage return after scanning the barcode will work just fine. Unlike some other ILS software, Evergreen is not picky.