Gentoo Catalyst - Build Stage1,Stage3,Stage4 How To

Catalyst is the Gentoo toolkit to build stages as well as live environments, here is how to use it.

Prepare Environment

Catalyst does a lot of building and a lot of I/O work, things will work better for you if you have a machine with plenty of horsepower. Our primary build machine (c.2011) is an eight core with eight G RAM.

This describes how to use Catalyst to build a Stage1, Stage2 and the Stage3 LiveCD/LiveDVD or LiveUSB

First install Catalyst on your system, which must be a Gentoo/Praxis type system.

emerge -av catalyst ccache lzop 

Building Release Stages

Release stages are the Stage3 and Stage4 packages.

## Make Snapshot

emerge --sync
catalyst -s $name

## Make Stage1
catalyst --file stage1-live.spec

catalyst --file stage2-live.spec

Building Live Media

Use these steps to build a Live CD, DVD or USB system.

## Make Snapshot

emerge --sync
catalyst -s $name

## Make Stage1
catalyst --config catalyst.conf --file stage1-live.spec

catalyst --config catalyst.conf --file stage2-live.spec

catalyst --config catalyst.conf --file stage2.spec

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