The programming experience is listed in alphabetical order by common language name, the year started and most recently used

ASP/ASP.Net - 1997 - Present
Microsofts ASP is the scripting language that drives sites running on IIS/4.0 or newer. I have used this language to create more than 30 data driven web sites which included content management, user profiles and other common features. I've also used ASP to create Point of Sale systems, Loan Origination systems and internal banking tools for wire services and ACH.
BASH - 1995 - Presnet
BASH is not a programming language but the interactive shell of most Linux distributions. I have used this language to create automation scripts for system administration.
C/C++ - 1992 - Presnet
This is the lingua franca of the computer world, I've been using it for about six years. I've created Win32 utility applications and some heavy duty socket programs on GNU/Linux, nothing of which can be mentioned here because of NDA restrictions. My experience building full featured business systems has required less of this language than any of the others mentioned here.
C# - 2000 - Present
Saw some of this early on when working a Microsoft, don't really care for it. Lot's of projects I've been involved in have used it, so I know it and can work with it. Haven't these guys seen Java?
JavaScript/DHTML - 1998 - Present
JavaScript manipulation of the HTML DOM. Simple popup windows or form validation to the more complex like dropdown menus, treeview's and multi-frame/multi-window navigation. I've built many cross-browser JavaScript components, this stuff is pretty easy.
PERL - 1998 - Presnet
Used PERL before 1998 but never for anything serious, around 1998 started using PERL with CGI pased web-applications. Since then I've used PERL for many things and have writtin scripts using its more common libraries including: LWP, HTTP, SOAPLite, SSLeay, CryptSSL, PgSQL, IO::Socket and others. I'm familiar with writing PERL scripts that will operate on both GNU/Linux and Win32 platforms. One utility I'm paticularly proud of automated mulitple simultainous purchase processes on TicketMaster.
PHP - 2000 - Present
PHP is the scripting language for web sites and services on the GNU/Linux/Apache platform. I've writtin scripts that read from MySQL, PostgreSQL as well as send and recieve SOAP messages. I have also created a SOAP message server that communicates with both GNU/Linux (PHP/PEAR::SOAP) and Win32 (with Visual Basic Soap Toolkit) clients. This was also my language of choice for a very large multi-subscriber POS/CRM application. PHP drives this site and is heavily used in the Arca, Curo and Imperium products.
Visual Basic/VBA/VB.NET - 1996 - Present
I've written many different types of applications: Stand Alone, Database driven, COM factories and Custom Controls. Some of the technologies I used in Visual Basic include: Win32 API, ADO, MSXML, MAPI and CDO.
SQL - 1999 - Present
SQL is the data manipulation language for SQL databases engines. Most of the web sites I've built (see ASP, PHP, PERL) used SQL queries to get the data to display. Practically every business application I've worked on used this in one form or another (MS-SQL, MySQL, Orace, PostgreSQL). I've played the role of database designer/engineer on Billing, CRM, POS and LOS and other complicated systems.