Edoceo - 2001.07 - Present

Managing Director

This company, I started have been building (off and on) since 2001. We do everything you see on this site and our sub-domains.

Seattle Savings Bank - 2004.01 - 2006.10

Senior Development Engineer

I worked on various banking systems for mortgage origination, ACH processing, wire services and other internal banking systems. The largest project was ReverseWare a Reverse Loan Origination System (RLOS) that powered origination services for SSB and thousands of other subscribing loan origination businesses.

Pacific Northwest Ticket Service - 2001.02 - 2003.10

Director of Information Technology

The end days of "Web1.0" found Everdev floundering so I started at PNTS. I designed and constructed a custom POS application for their model and integrated with partner systems. I also worked on very complex web-automation robots that were used during ticket on-sales to acquire inventory. Working closely with the executives at this firm and their partners I became keenly aware of what is needed for "business class" systems.

Art Institute of Seattle - 2001.01 - 2002.06


Everdev, Inc - 2000.02 - 2001.01

Development/Engineering Lead

As a Development Lead at Everdev I was responsible for planning projects and following through with the timeline. Much of my role also involved systems administration to ensure that developers were forcused on the core task at hand. I also learned to quickly adapt to new situations as many projects started with me doing research, design and structures before engaging the developers. This was the first place that I put GNU/Linux into a production environment for someone other than myself.

Microsoft - 1998.10 - 2000.02

Network Administrator / Software Test Lead

When contracting out at Microsoft I was the first member of the NLB team. As new members came on I found myself in somewhat of a leadership role. I learned techniques for interviews, team communications for small and large teams and meeting hosting skills.

Immunex (now Amgen) - 1997.10 - 1998.10

Desktop/Network Support Engineer

In my first years in the industry as a young employee I was not exposed directly to business operations. I did however learn what makes a team. As a support technician I had direct exposure to the problems employees face every day with technology.

BusinessWire - 1997.02-1997.09

Swing Shift Desktop/Network Support

Worked the afternoon/evening shift supporting the network and desktops. Monitor servers and troubleshoot issues, support desktop issues for the evening shift editors. First direct exposure to Sequent systems. Had to receive an after-hours shipment of one of these, hardly fit in the freight elevator! Spent six months here while saving money to move to Seattle.

Eon Technologies - 1995.10-1997.02

First real job in the IT industry, assembled custom PCs and performed maintenance on Windows 3.1, WFW 3.11, Win95, NT 3.51, NT 4 and Mac OS 7,8,9

Prior Employment - 1992-1996

I had a paper route, shipping department, worked in a liquor store, pulled cables for a telecommunications company and other odd stuff. Just regular old work experience.