Important note, this package doesn't function as well as SSMTP which is also a null mail client. It is a more complete and compatible replacement for sendmail on machines that don't recieve any mail.

This is not a full blown replacement for sendmail, rather it is a limited replacement for use in certian cicumstances. It does not understand CC or BCC, or much else really. It will block until the message has been dropped onto the receiving server. Not suitable for use with large mail volumes.

This reason this script exists is to allow machines that only send mail from daemons, like cron, to communicate. Why install a full on mail package when something this simple would do?


No man page, no make install, just download this script to /usr/sbin and you're ready to rock.

wget -O /usr/sbin/sendmail
chmod 0755 /usr/sbin/sendmail


Run this simple command:

rm -i `which sendmail`

Version History

  • Jun 2004 - Version 0.2 - Cleaner implementation
  • Jan 2004 - Version 0.1 - Initial Release