Twilio Service Has Been Degrading

It seems Twilio service has been declining for some time. From our own perspecitive over the last few years we've seen an increase in:

  • Caller ID failures
  • DTMF failures
  • Inaccurate Logs
  • Billing for "Support" which doesn't fix the problem
  • Re-Billing for "Support" after it was cancelled

We've raised these issues with Twilio on mulitple occasions, yet the issues remain.

Caller ID Faiures

These are hardly a big deal -- but the happen so frequently.

DTMF Failures

These have been happing with greater frequncey since 2017. These failures are severe as they completely break IVRs.

Perhaps you screen incoming calls and the system prompts you to press "1" to answer. Well that fails and you miss calls from your clients.

Perhaps your clients ring in and dial your extension "352" - but because of these failures the inputs are not understood. Your frustrated client may try again, or may just hang up.

These failures cost your business money.

These issues with DTMF led directly to our billing issues below.

Logging Issues

May of the logs show the HTTP Request and Resonse. We've noticed on more than one occasio where the Twilio log shows a request, with some query string parameters. However, on our side -- both in web-server logs and application logs -- these values are not present at all. It's as if the logs are not direct copies of what's on the wire but are actually best-effort recreations.

Billing Failures

In Oct 2019, after repeated failures of DTMF Twilio advised me to pay additional fees to get a level-up of support. So I did, here's $250, fix my issue. Weeks later the issue remains.

Naturally I cancelled the "Support" service -- as it did nothing. And since they didn't resolve my issue -- I asked to refund that fee.

Well, weeks later they are still working on processing the first refund. But, in November -- AFTER I had cancelled the "Support" agreement -- I was charged again.