Done with Google – Part 2

We had (and still have some) a bunch of Google Service for our company/domain. For migrating away from Google Apps (now know as GSuite) we’ve had to take loads of steps manually, I’ve not been able to find tools to sort all the things together properly. There are 60 Google services that are part of this GSuite and it’s fair to say that Google is a “first class” citizen on the Internet. We cannot get completely away.

Phase Two

For phase two of our extraction from the Google Suite we proceeded to turn down all the service in the Google Admin panel that we could. Since there are 50+ services, and we’re turning them off slowly – to prevent any large-scale shock, we were doing about one a week. There were some service we could completely drop without issue.

  • Blogger
  • DoubleClick/DART Stuff
  • FeedBurner
  • GoogleCode (we’ve moved to Github and Gitlab ages ago) and Google is killing this product anyway
  • Google News
  • Google Shopping
  • Panoramio

We progressed for a few months, taking down one (maybe two) services per week and waiting to make sure nothing broke. All went well but, we’re only disabling services around the edges.

Once those services were disabled, we were able to start reviewing how Google actually touches our business — it’s mostly Email and Calendar, which are nice – but we still need to scale down our existing Google dependence before moving on.