Bay Imaging Consultants – Fun with Fraud

Over the past few months I’ve been receiving threatening phone calls from Bay Imaging Consultants. They seem to have me confused with another David Busby.

They seem to think I got hospital services in Alameda, CA when in fact I was in Seattle, WA. I did however used to live in Alameda – until 1997.

The harassing phone calls are generated by a robot which informs me that if I continue to listen to the message I assert that I am David Busby (I am, just not the one they are looking for). And Press 1 to connect to an operator.

But this operator cannot help me, unless I provided critical details about myself. Details I don’t want to provide to an organization that is trying to steal my identify. The CSR then transfers me over to someone in Collections who cannot help either and then transfers me back to another person in the general support area. When I ask this person for their name, so I can include it in a police report – they hang up on me.

With identify theft so common these days one would think that some companies would do a little more diligence before attempting to send someone to collections. Now it appears my only option is to bring legal action against this company.