On the Tech Hiring Problem

In the Tech world there are few common “problems” in the hiring space that we hear about more than others it seems – and many are trying hard to solve it. I’ve been on many sides – over the last 10 years at Edoceo we’ve had to interview and hire dozens – using recruiters and/or our internal method. As some “tech-talent” I’m solicited pretty frequently (weekly) though LinkedIn or other means.

  • Not Enough Workforce
  • Recruiters :(
  • 900+ Job Boards
  • Remote vs On-Site
  • Profile Duplicate Delirium

Weekly there are articles reaching the front page of HackerNews and other “Silicon Valley” centric sites that we need more STEM ready employees. There is not enough talent! Help! It’s an education problem, we need more workers. And companies want to hire “only the best” – well, there is always a shortage of “only the best”.

Which leads to…

Anecdotally I hear from scores of my friends and associates around the “Tech world” that recruiters compound the problem – constantly “bothering” talent when they are engaged somewhere else. Well, because you are engaged you are sending the signal that you are a good candidate. Recruiters can make $20-$30k USD for a good placement, sometimes more, and employers use your skills to make big products with a wide impact (hopefully). Naturally, if you look like a good set of talent, we (employers, recruiters) want to talk to you.

As an Employer I almost have to use a Recruiter. I’m not interested in posting my opportunities to yet another job-board.