YouTube Account Fuckups

Our company, like many, tries to have a semi-streamlined approach to our Social tools. One thing that's nice of course, is to have the properly identified vanity URLs available on some services. Well, it's pretty fucked up with YouTube, Google+ (forced connection) and causes loads of issues.

My YouTube Channel

Many many moons ago, someone else was using the username edoceo on YouTube. I wrote them emails, identified my trademark ownership and within a few days YouTube had given me access to this name. They attached this username to my Google Apps administrative account.

All was well and good, I even posted a few videos.

The Google+ Page

My primary individual account was used to create the Edoceo Google+ page. Which, for some reason, is blocked from getting the edoceo vanity URL.

At this point there is no way to bring my existing Edoceo YouTube Channel in to my existing Edoceo Google+ Page.

The Problems

A while back Google forced Google+ on to my existing YouTube channel, which makes another page for Edoceo on Google+. And with this linked Google+ page I cannot delete the page or disconnect it from my YouTube channel. So I'm stuck with an orphand Google+ page and a YouTube channel I cannot connect to the proper Google+ page.

I cannot add my personal Google account to the Managers of the existing YouTube/Google+ page, in point of fact I don't want that second Google+ page. Adding my personal identity as a manager, doesn't get the YouTube channel properly linked with my companes real Google+ page. And using the new YouTube channel is silly, I've got to migrate my data, and wait for Google to approve my new accounts and monitization and so forth.

If I delete my existing YouTube channel, with the vanity URL, there is no assurance that I'll get it back. Reading around the Internet leads one to believe that these names are not reusable. YouTube states they are not changable and allows recovery of old channels for a time - so I'm thinking the name is fully locked up.

So, here I am. Stuck with a vanity URL YouTube channel that I cannot link to the proper Google+ page. A force-fed Google+ page that is worthless. A YouTube+Google+ combination thing I cannot clear up because that will just lose me the name.

There is a rumour that I could transfer the ownership, then maybe one account owns the errant Google+ page, and then gets ownership of the YouTube channel? Of course, the documentation is for shit and forums are filled with users having terrible problems with it. And, I'm obligated to add a new manager, then wait two weeks before I can promote them to owner. Oh, and a bit of research between these two sentences shows that it won't transfer the YouTube account. Shit.

Google's zeal to pad their numbers for worlds worst social network has really taken a toll on the quality of their products. It's affected a few others too.