Google Play Store Forces TOS Agreement

If you have multiple accounts on one table or device using the Google Play Store forces users to accept the TOS or it will become completely blocked.

We have one tablet, with multiple accounts configured and one accidental click has left the Play Store unusable, none of the apps can update.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Use an Android 4.0 or newer device

      • Add multiple accounts to the device, including one that has not agreed to Play Store yet.
        • Open the Play Store, it will presently select an existing account.
        • Select the New Account, you will be prompted to Accept
        • Decline – Play Store Exits
        • You are now Stuck – Google is forcing you to Accept due to this bug
The reason that one account should not accept the TOS for the Play Store is that those applications are not "Kid Safe".

The only option now is to remove the account from the device entirely and start over. The average user wouldn’t do that, they’d simply enter into this binding contract with Google – even if they didn’t want too.

Seems like there is nobody at Google working in QA, bugs like this – and the terrible password issues in Chrome – keep appearing in their products.