Resara, Samba4, Windows7

RIP Resara

Dramatic news this week when Resara announced their closing. We’re sad to see Resara go, competition is good for customers. And to their existing customers: we’re offering commercial support services for Resara.

Samba4 Updates

Speaking of Samba based small business servers, our Praxis system has expanded now to offer Samba4 as a “stable” environment – however it should be noted that Samba4 is still in a beta stage.

We’ve updated our Samba4 How To, and even provided updated Samba4 ebuilds to the Gentoo community.

Samba4 + Windows7

Also, this week gave us the largest Samba4 installation we’ve executed working with Brian Carolina Help Desk. It initially started with an attempt using Samba 3.6, cause we know it’s stable – but Windows7 just would not play nice.

Round and round we went in this environment; and decided to run a Samba4 trial.

It worked great! Better than 3.x for sure but there are still some lingering issues (non-browsable shares, homes-magic) but they are trivial to work around.

A test run of Samba4 resolved all the Windows7 issues we were having and eliminated the nasty registry hacks and other stuff – see our Samba4 Reference.