Hella Rad Project Management

We just heard the scoop today (announced on Seattle Tech Start-ups list) that Artefact has launched their unbelievably awesome project management software called 10000ft.

Only 20 minutes ago Shyam sent the email blast. I went straight to check it out. The landing page – was easy, gave clear info in a simply way. A great first impression.

Sign-Up Done Right

Their sign-up process is what all others should aspire to be. One simple page, no requirements for credit-card; get started right now.

And to follow that, their system initialises your environment with some reasonable play data so you can get started right away.

Other Impressions

Their UX team hit the grand-salami! There are awesome user hints the whole way through, it’s direct and easy to find the tools you’re looking for. The budgeting feature was just about brain-dead easy to use and the reports are easy enough for even the dimmest of PHBs to get.

This is an example of a good team with a laser focus on what their product does: fluid project management. Congratulations to Rob, Shyam and the rest of the 10000ft team.