eNom Doesn’t Care about their Credit Card UI

Almost 12 months ago we reported to eNom that their user interface had a bug. The issue causes an inconvience for users but, it’s not fatal. Sadly, it’s an easy fix too – but eNom just has done nothing. Lazy.

The eNom Bug

On the account refill page users are presented with form, which includes some account, including phone number.

Notice, and this is the bug, that the phone number is mangled on this form.

Other parts of the eNom system display this phone number correctly, including their WHOIS data.

Not a serious bug right?

The problem is that, when using the refill form customers (like us) don’t pay much attention to that field.

Why would we?

The phone number was set when we created the account and our number has been the same the whole time.

But it mangles our data when we save.

Also, how lame is it to have a broken form on your website? Lame.

How lame is it when that form is the credit card form? Double lame.

Hard to have confidence in a company that cannot manage something so simple as phone number data.