A Week without Flash

Adobe Flash is a flaming pile of crap.

Firstly: it’s got loads of security issues and consumes hella memory (>=100M!).

Additionally: ads and tracking issues, impact on web-surfing performance, &c.

So starting Monday of this week we to a (seemingly) dramatic step – removed Flash from our systems.

Not use using FlashBlock (which is awesome!), not just disabling the Plug-In (also an option); fully gone.

Must say, I’ve hardly noticed the difference.

Many pages, especially on ad-ridden sites (looking at you Cheeseburger), load much faster.

Adobe Flash Fail Sites

Not everything was great. To watch YouTube we had to enable their HTML5 beta.

Also, some functionality of both Google Analytics and Google Finance depend on Adobe.

Lots of other stuff does too.

Important to Remove

If, like us, you want to see the death of flash!, start removing it.

This way, we can start to skew the analytics numbers to show less and less browser support.

Old, crappy technologies don’t die out on their own, we have to actively kill them.