Credit Card fraud and New – Update

Credit card fraud is a scary deal, could be a one-time deal – or could be the start of identity theft – which is really serious. Fortunately this was a one-off.

Spoke with NewEgg on the subject, as follows:


Circumstances were very suspicious, will take some internal

action/review. Reviewed account and previous orders, to ensure that

everything was proper. Put a lock limit on my orders (I’ll have to

double verify certain purchases). Split charges is due to fulfillment

and tax requirements._

The CSA seemed to have authentic concern for the situation assured me they would look into it.

Single Use Credit Cards / Virtual Account Numbers

Learned about a number of new options for single-use credit cards – widely known as “Virtual Account Numbers”.

Bank of America Shopsafe

Citi appears to offer this as VAN:

Chase and Wells Fargo did not have similar offerings.

Heard rumors that Paypal and Discover might offer something, if you know – post a link!