Google Apps to Accounts Transition Failures

The process of migrating Google Apps to their new Google Accounts features is an un-mitigated disaster. Our clients and ourselves have had nothing but problems the whole time. The transition process is incomplete, orphans many critical services and has no work around.

If you use any of the following services you’d want to avoid migration but Google is forcing us along that path – so now your vendor (Google) is shooting you in the foot.

Checkout Fails to Migrate

Google Checkout fails to migrate and as of yet there is no option to transfer data, so you are forced to create a new Google Checkout, re-validate your bank-account and re-configure your store front an everything, effectively starting from scratch. Major Fail.

Analytics, AdSense and AdWords Fail to Migrate

These services, also critical for those of us paying for Google Apps also fail to migrate leaving orphaned accounts. Start all over.

Blogger Fails to Migrate

Blogger fails to migrate but you can switch owners, a simple manual process. One would think that something so easy could have been built by Google’s Engineers before they attempted to push us all to migrate.

They also provide a page with instructions, but those don’t work yet. From our experience and those we’ve tried to help, you cannot add the transistion account because the target domain account is already listed as an Author, but when you login with that account you cannot make posts. Sloppy at best.

Alerts Fail to Migrate

This one also fails, forcing humans to manually re-create the alerts they had.