Credit Card fraud and New - Update

Credit card fraud is a scary deal, could be a one-time deal - or could be the start of identity theft - which is really serious. Fortunately this was a one-off.

Spoke with NewEgg on the subject, as follows:

Circumstances were very suspicious, will take some internal action/review. Reviewed account and previous orders, to ensure that everything was proper. Put a lock limit on my orders (I'll have to double verify certain purchases). Split charges is due to fulfillment and tax requirements.

The CSA seemed to have authentic concern for the situation assured me they would look into it.

Single Use Credit Cards / Virtual Account Numbers

Learned about a number of new options for single-use credit cards - widely known as "Virtual Account Numbers".

Bank of America Shopsafe -

Citi appears to offer this as VAN:

Chase and Wells Fargo did not have similar offerings. Heard rumors that Paypal and Discover might offer something, if you know - post a link!