HP Printers & Softare are the WORST!

Edoceo has been recommending against HP products (printers specifically) since at least 2002.

Why? Their hardware quality is very low and their software is bloated and buggy.


Today a client’s HP PhotoSmart C4780 WiFi printer which was only a few weeks old stopped working.

The WiFi had died a few days ago and today the touch-panel screen was non-functional.

We decided to return the printer and get a better quality Brother.


When un-installing the nine (yes, really nine) software packages that HP requires to use the printer (totalling 580MiB!) their buggy software then wiped out the “All Users” settings directory.

Desktop icons lost, Start Menu items gone.


As if a low quality printer with bloated software wasn’t bad enough when you try to extricate yourself from this HP Printer hell it destroys software & settings it has no business touching.


Edoceo’s new policy regarding HP hardware/software?

Do not acquire, do not use, remove promptly (manually).

These products are not suitable for use in Business, Home or School environments.