First Weeks with the HTC Evo

Have been using the HTC Evo since it’s launch. The experience buying that day was the same for us as it was for everyone. Sprint’s site was slow, the phone took a long time to activate and only came with about 40% battery (weak).

After a week of using this phone here’s what we think, first the positive, then the negative.

  • Fast, Andriod
  • Cannot Un-Install Sprint Applications
  • Cannot Un-Install Facebook Application!
  • VoiceMail is an epic failure, no notifications
  • Sprint Support hardly knows this device, very unhelpful
  • VoiceMail Service is not flexible and forces users to un-desired options.
  • Phone Battery is not sufficient – barely lasts a full day.

And to top this all off the charger stopped charging. Had to return to Radio Shack for a replacement and they did not have any. Sent me to another Radio Shack, who could only swap for a non-OEM type adapter. Pretty lame.