Ubuntu Jaunty + AT&T USBConnect Mercury

Just purchased this device to try in our systems. Worked right out of the box, no issues at all.

Steps to success:

  1. Purchase
  2. Boot lappy to the Windows Side (XP in our case)
  3. Wait for Automatic Updates to run cause it’s been six months
  4. Reboot, back into Windows
  5. Plug in USBConnect device
  6. Auto-run should start the Installer
  7. Next, Info, Next, Next, Next, Finish, Reboot
  8. Now boot Xubuntu
  9. Plug in Card, Network Manager should recognize & start Wizard
    1. Click Network Manager -> AT & T -> Connected!

After previous attempts at USB / Wireless connections on Linux systems a few years ago this was a painless experience. Used to required all this fiddling with kernel modules, udev rules, ppp settings, etc. This process now took about 30 minutes on Windows (updates + installer) and about 3 minutes on Xubuntu (wizard).