Google Calendar – New iPhone Features & Quick Add Broken

We love the Google Calendar App, no kidding.

The mobile interface on the iPhone keeps getting better and better. When it first was launched it was not possible to edit or delete events and we were forced to write our own interface (using Zend Framework). Now that feature is added! Hooray! We’ve since taken down our iPhone Google Calendar editor. Nice work.

The web-interface however seems to have lost a feature recently. The Quick Add feature used to accept events entered as 1500h Meeting as a Meeting at 3pm. It now appears that Google Apps don’t understand 24h style times. We’ve tried all the variants 15:00, 1500, 15:00h and they are never read as 3pm. Other time variations work such as 3pm, 3:00. Regardless of format settings, 24h time formats don’t seem to work any more.