eNom/name-services.com DNS Failures – Ouch!

Today my operation suffered greatly when the DNS servers for my registrar eNom failed. None of the 70+ domain names I operate with them could be resolved.

I tried DNS systems all over this planet (through nice web interfaces) and none can resolve hosts in edoceo.com. Other domains I haveare not resolving either. When I use `dig` or other tools that trace DNS requests I can see that even root servers are having problems resolving dns#.name-services.com. (# is a number between 1 and 5 inclusive).

When I Google search for name-services.com I find this odd credit card site. – a parking page hosted there. Wish is was a dummy page pointing to eNom and describing what that domain does vs some ad-based parking page.

I really wish eNom would maintain a system alerts blog/tech blog like other sites do so we could subscribe to feeds and get alerts directly from the NOC when necessary (like today, a quick post on blogger.com or twitter or something!) then the 10 Mil+ customers could know right away – not wait 17 minutes on hold to find out “intermittent issues – staff working on it – no ETA” – that message could have been sent to the blog/feed right from a NOC engineers mobile phone to communicate with the customers.

Edoceo helps companies implement these types of platforms all the time – it’s so easy and they are a tech company so of course could have it! Get with the times! Our small operation had all of our clients informed within five minutes of us noticing the issue – through phone, email and system alerts.