Windows Seven (7) – First Impression

Using a download manager to fetch the 2.4GiB ISO image for Windows 7 = FAIL! (Using a Java based download agent for non-windows users == 2xFAIL) Should use a system like bittorrent – or provide servers that can effectively serve out large ISO files (lighttpd?). Also: a 2.4 MiB ISO for this software = FAIL! Most Linux distros still come on CD and folks still pirate OS X via CD – 2.4 GiB for a beta OS! Cripe!

The DL was roughly 755KB/s on my connection – my last Gentoo DL (from Oregon mirror) was at 1018KB/s (just FYI)

Oh – and when I had to signup for a “Live ID” for the download – and provided my Gmail address for my Live ID the Welcome Message was marked as SPAM by the Gmail system! LOL!