WebEx Fails on Linux (again)

Again we were trying to use the WebEx tools to perform remote support to some of our clients. We chose WebEx a while ago, before there were alternatives to use (such as LogMeIn). The Remote Support was the feature we wanted/needed and were very happy to get it. It was disappointing that we had to sign a one year contract for WebEx before we were able to fully evalutate their system (very frustrating)

So we signed the contract to pay WebEx for a whole year of services. On a Windows to Windows Remote Control WebEx is OK, when Using Linux or Macintosh it’s super-crapy.

WebEx Desktop Control doesn’t work 100%, doesn’t even work 30%. We’ve reported this to WebEx’s incompetent support staff who have difficulty understanding that we are using Linux or Mac systems (they keep asking us to click on the Start Menu) WebEx support has no ability to troubleshoot these issues. Repeatedly told us that we should look into it ourselves. WTF?

To counteract this we’ve developed a solution using OpenVPN and OpenSSH that allows our clients to on-demand connect to our VPN concentrator and then we can remotely access their systems via SSH.

We are also now looking for Java programmers to assist with building an Open Source project that will compete directly with the Remote Support functionality of WebEx. If you are interested please contact Edoceo to see how you can help.

It’s really too sad there is not a good Remote Desktop Support option for Linux and even more sad that a sub-par project like WebEx can claim support for Linux when their software and staff fail to function properly.