Arca is the fastest and most secure ACH system solution for originating and processing ACH transactions. With Arca an organization or financial institution gains a complete ACH solution. Arca includes all standard features of ACH management software such as import/export, risk management, archival and reporting. Additionally Arca provides a highly secure and flexible environment with external network APIs to integrate with other software packages and provide a high level of automation.

Why Choose Arca?

Security, the most important concern when processing financial transactions. Arca provides the higest level of security available with 256bit encrypted communications throughout the system. Second to security is accuracy, Arca triple checks data that is imported or exported from the system. Every activity is logged providing a detailed audit trail should it become necessary. Even with these advanced features an Arca system can handle millions of transactions per hour (about five million/hour on the test systems).

Origination and Processing Features

These features are fully implemented in Arca and should be present in all ACH origination software packages.

Arca can import from files from clients, organiztaions or the ACH Operator via standard NACHA or CSV formatted files. Arca can also received imported files from ArcaEx or other in-house applications.
Once the data is imported and processed it must be released to either the Fed or another consumer. Arca can create NACHA formatted files for transmission via the Fed or any other ACH operator. Data Maps can also be created to export data in CSV format.
Suspension Warehouse
Imported and originated transactions sit in a suspension warehouse until ready for transmission to the ACH Operator saving transmission charges.
The ACH Operating Rules state that all ACH transactions must be archived for six years. Arca enforces these rules and can be configured to archive or purge these records on the specified date.
Audit Trail and Logging
Every file, batch or entry operation on Arca is logged providing a detailed audit trail.

Processing Features

For institutions that process ACH Arca provides these features.

Fee and Offset Entry Creation
Automatically create fees and transaction offset entries for originated or inbound transactions from clients. Fees and Offsets can be processed according to a flexible schedule.
Risk Management
ACH Operating Rules state that originators must track temporal risk on transactions. Arca provides compliant risk monitoring code and produces reports for available and temporal risk schedules.

Additional Features

These features extend Arca beyond the above lists and provide further integration into pre-existing environments.

Automated Import/Export
According to a schedule or on demand Arca can import or export data from Windows Shares, SFTP or HTTPS or other network locations. Using this feature along with Auto Processing an organizations ACH processing workflow is almost completely automated. If the upstream or downstream ACH operators are using Arca this can create a near real time transaction flow.
Integrated Security
Arca can be configured to use it's own internal user list or use an existing Windows Domain for authentication.
Network APIs
Arca exposes network APIs for communication with other external software packages or custom in-house applications. These APIs allow for the creation of entries or the processing and acknowledgement of returns and more.
Encryption Security
The FDIC requires 128bit encryption on electronic communications. When used with Firefox and other properly configured hosts Arca has the higest level of security including 256bit SSL and OpenGPG data encryption.

More Information

Please contact Edoceo with any questions or for a demonstration. Edoceo also offers consulting services for ACH processing.