Vēnditō - Products and Services

Each of Edoceo's products are based on Open Source software packages. This provides a stable and interoperable platform that will grow with a business of any size.

Core Products

  • Arca - The fastest and most secure ACH origination and processing engine on the market.
  • Curo - Managed Small Business network server with VPN and offsite backup services. Replace expensive outdated Windows® servers with a fully managed solution.
  • Domus - A completely customiseable web-based Property Management software solution.
  • Imperium - The power to control your small business - CRM/BMS/Accounting.

Other Products

  • MagTek Excella Driver - No driver was available for Linux, we made one.
  • ms2pg - Convert or migrate a Microsoft SQL server to PostgreSQL.
  • winlogd - Windows Service to integrate with syslog.

Linux Distributions

Edoceo also makes available CDs of our favourite GNU/Linux distributions. We'll burn it, test it and ship it to you, US and Canada, via USPS. All prices include the shipping charges. If you purchase with PayPay we add another dollar to cover the transaction fee

3.1r5 Netinst CDi386¤5
3.1r5 Binary CDs (14)i386¤42
3.1r5 Binary DVDs (2)i386¤14
Gentoo - Our choice for servers.
2006.1 Minimal CDi686¤5
2006.1 Live CDi686¤5
2006.1 Live DVDi686¤7
Kubuntu,Edubuntu or Ubuntu - Our choice for Desktop/Workstation.
6.10 (Edgy) Desktop CDi386¤5
6.10 (Edgy) Desktop DVDi386¤7

Linux Desktops/Workstations

It is clear that Edoceo favours Linux and should be known we make use of it in our daily operations. Edoceo also delivers Linux to the desktop with these offerings. The pricing varies depending on the chosen hardware, we are working on a quoting system. These systems are installed with the stock distribution listed and then lightly tuned to ensure a smooth operation. This could be seen as a blatant attempt to solve this bug. The Distribution CD (from above) is included.