Business - Technology - Engineering

We make HTML5/CSS3 business applications go.

We leverage Lean startup methods and the Open Stack.

Platform: Gentoo, Ubuntu in Linode, Slicehost/RackSpace or AWS.

Code: Bash, Perl, PHP (Zend,Cake,Yii) NodeJS, Go, and others.

Backend: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, CouchDB, Memcached, Redis and Lucene/Solr.

Tools: git, subversion, jEdit.

TDD: PHPUnit, Karma-Runner, PhantomJS, Selenium. Doxygen, Trac, Redmine,

Interesting Projects

This is just a list of some of our more interesting projects, in no particular order.

Ars combination applicant tracking system and professional Technical Profile and Resume builder
Hosted Solution running the Custos Monitoring solution.
BitKick is a system to promote Open Source project improvements via Bug Bounties
We also operate Global CDN, hosting scores of Open Source web-libraries
Webmaster Toolkit
Tools for on-page SEO analysis
Mobile ready, I502 Traceability Software
Tools for Site Operators to interact with Users.