Business - Technology - Engineering

We make mobile ready HTML5/CSS3 web-based business applications go.

We leverage Lean startup methods and the Open Stack.

Platform: Gentoo, Ubuntu in Linode, DigitalOcean or AWS.

Code: Bash, Perl, PHP (Zend, Cake, Yii), NodeJS, and others.

Backend: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, CouchDB, Memcached, Redis and Lucene/Solr.

Tools: git, subversion, jEdit.

TDD: PHPUnit, Karma-Runner, PhantomJS, Selenium. Doxygen, Trac, Redmine,

Interesting Projects

This is just a list of some of our more interesting projects, in no particular order.

Online Face-to-Face Customer Interviews
BitKick is a system to promote Open Source project improvements via Bug Bounties
Build your own Transcoding Service
Convert almost any document format to something web-ready (PNG, PDF, HTML)
Webmaster Toolkit
Tools for on-page SEO analysis
Ars combination applicant tracking system and professional Technical Profile and Resume builder
Hosted Solution running the Custos Monitoring solution.
Tools for Site Owners to detech Whales.