We make HTML5/CSS3 business applications go.

We leverage Lean startup methods and the Open Stack.

Platform: Gentoo, Ubuntu in Linode, Slicehost/RackSpace or AWS.

Code: Bash, NodeJS, Perl, PHP (Zend,Cake,Yii) and sometimes RoR.

Backend: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, CouchDB, Memcached, Redis and Lucene/Solr.

Tools: git, subversion, jEdit.

TDD: PHPUnit, Karma-Runner, PhantomJS, Selenium. Doxygen, Trac, Redmine,

Interesting Projects

This is just a list of some of our more interesting projects, in no particular order.

Ars combination applicant tracking system and professional Technical Profile and Resume builder
Hosted Solution running the Custos Monitoring solution.
BitKick is a system to promote Open Source project improvements via Bug Bounties
We also operate Global CDN, hosting scores of Open Source web-libraries
Webmaster Toolkit
Tools for on-page SEO analysis
Toosl for Site Operators to interact with Users.

Recent News & Information

Feb 01) I posted some shit in here once, now these Google+ Help posts keep showing up on my pages.  I'm not following this Community or Joined and I have Notifications off.  Why does this community keep spamming my page?
Feb 01) One terrible thing about Amazon Prime is that you cannot use Prime Borrowing on Kindle Apps - only proper Kindle Devices so your phones and Android tablets are out.   #lame  
Jan 10) Why are some Custom URLs required to append numbers to the end and others are not?  Example, this page got a short one that is very nice: https://plus.google.com/+gCDNorg

However, I have another page, with more followers, where I want to have https://plus.google.com/+edoceo - and I'm required to append numbers to the end.   The name not currently in use

What's with the inconsistent policy?  Why does that less visible gCDN page get more "love" than my Edoceo page?
Dec 19) Edoceo Web APIs — Updates to our WHOIS JSON API, pretty awesome!  Mostly accurate against 362 TLDs!
Dec 05) Cyber experts uncover 2 million stolen passwords to Web accounts — Time to reset passwords another big p0wn.
Nov 23) The #KitKat @Google Caller ID upgrade shares data with Google "licenCors" What the heck is that?
Nov 22) I got a prompt for some of my Pages to get a custom URL, that were all awesome.  The more popular page for my Trademarked business name ("edoceo") however is requiring me to add numbers even though the name is not currently in use.  How come priority was given to these less popular other pages (eg: gCDN) with less followers than my primary page? Why do I have to add numbers if the name is not currently in use and I have a valid legal claim on said name?  
Sep 11) Stop Making Me Sign Up — Sign-Up Does Suck