Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is a huge topic today and will continue to be as long as humans are looking for things indexed by robots. Edoceo provides site and content analysis, keyword/key phrase choices, site tuning and most importantly monitoring of results.

Our SEO steps follow "best-practices" defined by the search engines (Google, Yahoo) as well as many ideas shared with-in the SEO community. We can guarntee an increase in PageRank but will not guarntee "first-page" as some other SEO providers will.

We do not use false-links, fake landing pages or other bogus tricks to increase the sites value. We simply provide checks and balances to ensure the sites is high-quality which will build itself organically.

Site Analysis

Our Site Analysis involves using tools like our Google Dragon and a few others to analyse the sites internal design (code structure). A sampling of pages on the site are reviewed to give indication where improvement can be made.

Site (PageRank) Monitoring

Our site monitoring utilites then monitor the PageRank and Search Result placement of defined pages in the site. This analysis provides proof of the effectiveness of the application of the SEO rules.

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