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Edoceo provides Open Source based Information Systems Engineering solutions to the Small & Startup businesses.

As an IS engineering and development organisation Edoceo is responsible for bringing business plans to life through technology. Our clients depend on us to assist with planning, development and delivery of new technology projects or ventures. Edoceo brings over 20 years of IT experience to the table ranging from project audits to designing and delivering completed software packages.

Our unique experience allows us to bring the knowledge and understanding required to deliver solutions that solve the immediate issues and will grow with our clients needs. With a major focus on automation, mobility and security our clients receive outstanding service and dependable cost effective solutions that will serve them for many years into the future.

Specality Services

Start-Up Services

We enjoy working with Tech Start-Ups and have been involved in this space since 2001.

Linux KVM Virtualization

Edoceo offers consulting services for Virtualization Technologies such as VirtualBox and Linux KVM.

GlusterFS Support

We have been using a participating in the Gluster community since 2008.

FreeSWICH & Hylafax

Currently supporting a few dozen FreeSwitch (since 2008) installations and scores of Hylafax (since 2002) deployments.

Linux High Availability & Virtualization Consulting Services

Affordable solutions for virtualization and high-availability to create resilient services

General Services

Software Development Services

We build web-apps on GNU/Linux platform to run in any browser, anywhere.

Network Support and Consulting Services

Network, WiFi, VPN, Remote Access

Security Audit & Review

We use industry standard tools, such as OpenVAS, Nikto, DIRB and many others to review the external face your company presents to the world. The output from these tools is evaluated by experienced professionals and a nice report is returned.

Search Engine Optimisation

Since 2001 we have been showing clients how to increase and maintain a sites search engine rank

Technical Support

Edoceo provide Computer Support, Network Support and Configuration and Software Support services for our Seattle area clients.

Computer and Information Technology Training Services

Edoceo provides introductory to advanced Computer/Networking, Linux Administration and Web Programming training

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