This lists some of the publicly visible work Edoceo has performed for our clients. A small description of each project is included and may have a link to the project for more information.

These are in addition to our own creations such as: Custos, Imperium Radix

VBX.io - vbx.io

VBX.io is the first mover in the space of hosted Twilio applications. With VBX it becomes trivially simple to create call groups, conferences and even manage corporate level text messages.

Uses: Radix, Twilio, PHP, Apache, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite Linux

VBX.io Screenshot

Activist Central - activistcentral.net

Activist Central is a web-based member communications system that provides the labor movement with highly effective tools to accomplish our core work of member communication.

Uses: FreeSWITCH, GlusterFS, Drupal7, Radix, PHP, Apache, PostgreSQL, Linux

Activist Central Screenshot