This lists some of the publicly visible work Edoceo has performed for our clients. A small description of each project is included and may have a link to the project for more information.

These are in addition to our own creations such as: Our APIs, Ars, Custos, Imperium Radix

VBX.io - vbx.io

VBX.io is the first mover in the space of hosted Twilio applications. With VBX it becomes trivially simple to create call groups, conferences and even manage corporate level text messages.

Uses: Radix, Twilio, PHP, Apache, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite Linux

VBX.io Screenshot

Custos - custos.io

TurkTk.com - turktk.com

mTurk can be super powerful however, getting started can be a bit tedious and the low level APIs are not efficient for direct work-case application integration.

Uses: AWS, Linux, Apache, PHP, MongoDB, Radix

TurkTk.com Screenshot

Activist Central - activistcentral.net

Activist Central is a web-based member communications system that provides the labor movement with highly effective tools to accomplish our core work of member communication.

Uses: FreeSWITCH, GlusterFS, Drupal7, Radix, PHP, Apache, PostgreSQL, Linux

Activist Central Screenshot

Webmaster Toolkit - webmastertk.com

The SEO Sorcerer is a website testing tool to ensure that the recommendations of the worlds SEO Experts are being followed. They also provide SEO services

Uses: Google APIs, Alexa APIs, Radix/PHP, Apache, CouchDB, Sqlite, Linux

Webmaster Toolkit Screenshot

West Coast Industries - coldwork.com

In 2007 Edoceo's team was given responsibility for this site. We handle hosting, design and SEO for this domain. Since the start of this project the PR for the site has gone from None to 2/10.

Uses: PHP, Apache, PostgreSQL, Linux

West Coast Industries Screenshot

DUI Fox - duifox.com

A site that integrates with Google Maps and GEO-IP information to report on DUI checkpoints. 2007

Uses: Google Maps, Location, Radix, PHP, AJAX, jQuery, Apache, PostgreSQL, Linux

DUI Fox Screenshot

Ground Support Equipment and Tooling Exchange - gsetx.com

A custom built site, started in 2007 that provides a market-place for members to trade equipment. Uses PHP5 with PostgreSQL 8.3 database. Organically grew the site from no rank to a 2/10 before starting any campaigns.

Uses: Zend Framework, PHP, Apache, PostgreSQL, Linux

Ground Support Equipment and Tooling Exchange Screenshot