Mnemonic Password Generator

This page simply generates a set of mnemonic passwords. It uses the mnencode program to generate passwords from a cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator (/dev/urandom) Please note: none of these passwords are logged, but it's a good idea to maybe generate your own.

head -c48 /dev/urandom | /opt/edoceo/bin/mnencode 2>/dev/null

Wisdom in Comic Form

Why Mnemonic Passwords

These passwords are signifigant in random-ness (one in four billion) and are easy to remember. They are much longer than typical passwords which can block many brute force attempts. They are not in the list of the 500 worst passwords ever.

These passwords are much easier to describe to someone over the phone or other voice channel. Compare: "Type in grace dash torso dash maze for the password, all lower case" vs "Type in upper bee zero one exclamation point, yes that one, caret, yes the one on the six, upper double-you upper tee plus symbol nine." The former is much easier than the latter.

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