Linux KVM Consulting & Support

Edoceo offers consulting & support services for Virtualization Technologies such as VirtualBox and Linux KVM. Our preference is to deploy Linux KVM for server-side needs and use VirtualBox for work-station VM requirements.

Linux KVM Consulting & Support Services

Linux KVM is a reliable offering of Virtualization by the core Linux Kernel team. Edoceo has chosen to only support this and have dropped support for VMWare and Xen. We consider virtualization a High Availability offering as it allows Virtual Guests to be migrated from one physical host to another. This allows VGs go be migrated off of failing hardware to other hardware, or transparent switches to upgraded systems.

Edoceo supports KVM on most Linux distributions including: Gentoo, CentOS and Ubuntu systems. Please keep in mind that there will be some feature variance between them.

VirtualBox Consulting Services

VirtualBox is a well established and refined project that provides virtualization services even on machines that don't support hardware based virtualization. It's installation is easy and a good set of features are available. It's our opinion at this time that VirtualBox is suitable for running test environments on a desktop. More demanding environments should look to KVM.