Creo are different software projects that have been put together by Edoceo. Named projects are generally a complete and functional package. In each programming language section are various functions, routines, classes, defintions, etc. All of the listed on this page is released under the GPL.

Cella Backup Script

The Cella backup script is a Bash based wrapper around rdiff-backup, rsync, mysqldu

Cella Configuration

Cella backup jobs are defined as a array of hashs in PERL. Each Job definition has an action (a); a source (s) and a target (t). If the target is missing or empty the target becomes $cella_dir/$job->{s}. Standard Parameters $cella_age The amount of time to store backups for, used by rdiff only. $cella_age = '21D'; # 21 Days $cella_ag

Chrome Twilio Phone

Chrome Twilio Phone We've created the Chrome Twilo Phone, an Extension for Chrome that maintains an alwasy-on Twilio Client connection; so that you can make and recieve calls in the web-browser. Visit the Chrome Web Store Click Install to Chrome Configure the Extension Options Play Tricks with Flash :(

Drive Shred - Hard Disk Shredding Utility

This tool has been deprecated, the proper tool for the job is sfree, in the sdelete package. Please use sfree d

IMAP Move - An email migration script

When migrating email services one does not want to lose the old messages. This tool copies messages from one IMAP system to the other. We've used this to migrate from Exchange to Gmail/Google Apps, Gmail to Exchange, Exchange to Exchange, in or out of dovec

mail2trac - IMAP/POP3 Email to Trac

This PHP based mail2trac script reads from a POP3 or IMAP mailbox and imports messages as Tickets with Attachments. It is designed to be run via cron on some periodic basis. Overview The mail2trac system is designed to be run via cron or some other command scheduler to attach to a mailbox, pull message,

Convert MS-SQL to PostgreSQL

Ms2pg is a utility to assist with migration of a database on Microsoft SQL Server to a PostgreSQL database server. This script will connect to the MS-SQL server and to the PostgreSQL server to copy tables, primary keys, indexes and data. At this time the foreign keys are not copied. Plans for a future is to add the foreign key copy, update sequence counter

OpenVPN + Config Windows Installer

This handy NSIS installer script installs both OpenVPN as well as a set of configuration data. It makes it super easy to package and distribute OpenVPN and Configurations to Windows users (like in a corporate environment) Building OpenVPN Installer These commands will be executed from the Windows command line, these for example come from our make.bat file. c:\Pr

pgbackup - PostgreSQL Server Backup Script

This script has been deprecated in favour of Cella. Pgbackup is a PostgreSQL database server backup BASH script. The script is very basic, you can either call it and grab all databases, or call it specifying one database. The output directory (BACKUP_DIR), user name (PGUSER) and paths to the PostgreSQL commands must be

phps3tk - Amazon S3 PHP Toolkit

This is yet another set of PHP scripts for S3. It's primary difference from other packages is the us of the CURL functions to reduce memory usage when PUTing or GETing large files. Mime type detection is from the /usr/bin/file command which is only opened once, there were issues when exec()ing more than 1000 times. Some other

Promitto - Email Campaign/Marketing Software

Many organizations use services like Constant Contact, iContact or EasyContact for their campaigning purposes. These operations are excellent for small list or sm

winlogd - Windows EventLog to Syslog Service

Winlogd is an open source Windows sylog client which forwards Event Log messages to a syslog server. Thousands of network devices (firewalls, routers, switches, storage, etc...) from major manufacturers (Cisco,