Consulting Services

  • Google Integration via Checkout, Apps, GMail - Increase Page Rank, Integrate with Checkout, publish on Froogle
  • Automated Payment Processing via ACH
  • Auditing and Documenting of existing systems
  • Security and Encryption Systems
  • Banking Operations
  • Mortgage Origination and Servicing with MortgageWare TC and E3
  • Reverse Mortgage Origination and Servicing
  • FHA B2G Integration
  • Risk Management
  • Cost-Benefit and Build or Buy Analysis
  • Disaster Recovery - Our Curo product is one example.
  • Networking & Internet
  • Electronic Communications - Email and Messaging solutions
  • Voice Communications - VoIP technologies
  • Inventory Management - Enabling live management of volitale inventory
  • System Integration - Pluging this data source into that datasource for some other data consumer.
  • Code Auditing and Review - Ensure consistencity and clarity of in-house code.

Research Services

Discovering what technology is necessary can be a daunting task. Edoceo can perform this "systematic investigation to establish facts" and provide detailed reports. Our extensive background in a wide range of technology platforms gives us the capacity to collect and comprehend all the facts. Extensive reporting factors in time and cost for all aspects of a project from planning to completion. Collect all the facts before making the choice, an ounce of prevention.